I am less than a week from embarking on a great journey that will unfold over the next year. It will be composed of three main parts in three different locations on three different continents. As the months progress, I will be moving east, from North America across North Africa to Eurasia.

Beginning in late May, I will be living in “المديذة نيو يورك – New York City” and interning at the office of city council member Mark Levine. My internship will last through mid-August.

In last August, I will depart on the first leg of my study abroad journey. I will be living with a host “الاسرة – family” in the “المدينة – medina” (old city) of “الربات، المغرب – Rabat, Morocco” until mid-December and studying “الحقوق الانسان – Human Rights” and Multiculturalism in “افريقيا شمال – North Africa” and “الشرق الاوسط – the Middle East” at ” مركز تواصل الثقافات – Center for Cross Cultural Learning. While I am there, I will hopefully be improving my “الفصحي – Fusha” (Modern Standard Arabic) “في صفوفي – in the classroom” while simultaneously being immersed in “الدارجة – Darija” (Moroccan Colloquial Arabic).

After holiday break, I will once again depart to study abroad for “الفصل الدراسي الربيع – the spring semester”. I will be living in “الاسطنبول، التركية – Istanbul, Turkey, and hopefully will be attending Bogazici University, one of the most prestigious universities “في الدولة – in the nation” and in the Middle East. I will be continuing my studies of “العلوم السياسية في الشرق الاوسط – Middle Eastern Politics”, with a regional speciality in the Caucasus and the Black Sea. While classes are primarily taught “في الانجايزية – in English”, as most of the students are Turkish and English is their second language, it will be critical for me to pick up Turkish to be able to converse with my academic peers, as well as those I meet in the city and while traveling.

I intend to return home for a few weeks at a time between each of these trips. Please contact me if you want to get together sometime in California while I am home, or if you plan on being in either New York, Rabat, or Istanbul while I am there. I would love to see you!

I will “ان شا اللح – In Sha Allah” be updating this blog at least once a week with pictures and stories! I can’t wait to share all of my adventures with you! Join me as I journey around the world!

اماندا ماري كلين – Amanda Marie Klein


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